Androsky Lugo

Framing Futures Architectural Firm








Androsky Lugo presently manages the Southern California-based Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF), which he co-founded in 2019. As managing partner, Lugo oversees the daily workflow and design processes for the firm's several current projects. He plans, organizes, and designs cutting-edge commercial and public projects for customers employing talents anchored in current architectural engineering basics.

Androsky Lugo worked as a Senior Architect for Parkins and Rhodon in New York and Fentrell Architects in San Francisco for a decade before going solo and founding FFAF. Lugo was previously the Senior Architectural Design Strategist with Macaby and Roy before becoming the Senior Architect in 2008. Lugo also worked as a Project Architect with Lugo & Company in Albany, NY, founded by his father in 1990. Lugo worked as a business consultant for a small company development agency in NYC before joining his father's organization in 2002.

Lugo has been involved in various high-profile architectural projects over his two-decade career. In 2012, he collaborated with the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee to plan and design public service upgrades. The Hagman's Group of NYC hired Lugo in 2015 to build the first structure made entirely of recycled and sustainable materials. Lugo collaborated with the local urban planning team to create affordable houses while at Parkins and Rhodon.

While Androsky Lugo's profession has always revolved around architecture, he has spent the last decade focusing on environmental conservation through sustainable architecture. His ability to design buildings with environmental preservation in mind has earned him respect in many places. Lugo has re-emphasized the need of maintaining natural ecosystems and water systems and designing structures that blend in with nature.